Nikola Tesla

The clairvoyant genius of Tesla

The name of Nikola Tesla is legendary. Also legendary are his scientific genius and his capacity for invention, as well as his rivalry with Thomas Alva Edison (who will always bear the shadow of plagiarism with respect to Tesla’s work) and his direct confrontation with JP Morgan, the businessman who denied him the financial support when he learned of the physicist’s project to bring the benefits of electric power to as many people as possible, but for free (which, according to a popular conspiracy theory, he did, but his discoveries were seized for not benefiting the economic interests of an elite). Likewise, his lifestyle is legendary: celibate, vegetarian, almost ascetic. Legendary is, in short, his ability to understand some of the problems of the human race beyond the conjuncture and show that when they really want to resolve, the solution lies at the root, not on the surface. Proof of this is its preclear ability to anticipate much of the technology and certain phenomena that we see developing today.

The TV

It can be said that there is almost no important technology that has not been anticipated by Tesla. For example, in an interview in 1926, the inventor describes what are now cell phones, drones, wireless Internet and printers. At that time, television was already developing, but Tesla imagined with great precision how TV would be applied massively in society. “We can see and hear events, the president’s seizure of power, a World Series game, the terror of an earthquake or a battle as if we were present,” he said.


In a kind of prediction about what we now know as smart cell phones, Tesla stated the following:

“We will be able to communicate instantaneously with each other, notwithstanding the distance. And not only that, through television and telephony we will see and hear as perfectly as we do face to face, regardless of the distances of thousands of miles, and these instruments will be extremely simple compared to our current phone. A man can carry one of these instruments in the pocket of his vest.”

The wifi

Before McLuhan imagined a global village as a result of electronic media, Tesla had already conceived that technology would create a global brain to which we would all be. connected: “When wireless technology is applied, the entire planet will be converted into a huge brain, which is what it really is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic totality.”


According to Tesla, the promise of the automatons that, according to the thought from the 18th century, would end by abolishing the divine condemnation of work as the only possibility of existence in this world, would finally be a reality in this century in which we find ourselves: “Robots will take the place that slaves had in ancient civilizations.There is no reason why this does not happen in less than a century, leaving humanity free for higher aspirations. (…) The solution to our problems is not it rests on destroying the machines, but on mastering them. “

Government agencies for environmental protection

Although already inserted in an irreversibly industrial dynamic, at the time of Tesla there were no levels of contamination in the world that we suffer today. However, the man foresaw that it would become intolerable and that, unfortunately, government agencies would have to be created to ensure the conservation of the environment. “Only a lunatic will drink water that is not sterilized,” he told Viereck. “The Secretary of Hygiene or Physical Culture will be, by far, much more important in the cabinet of the president of the United States in 2035 than the Secretary of War.” (The latter remains to be seen, but Tesla at least guessed that we would have “environment secretariats”).

The drones

As early as 1898, Tesla demonstrated what he called an “automaton”, a remotely controlled machine. And in the same year, he filled a patent for a device that “controlled vehicles in motion,” which would be directed through “waves, impulses or radiation received through water, land or air.” In addition, the inventor predicted drone wars, believing that they would be used for warlike purposes.

The empowerment of women

In January 1926, a journalist named John B. Kennedy interviewed Tesla. The interview was published in Colliers magazine under the title “When women are bosses” and is discussed in Tesla: Man Out of Time (Public library), a book that gives us a deeper and more detailed perspective of mind and spirit of the great inventor. Tesla spoke about the empowerment of women as one of the most important effects of technology in the world “of tomorrow”:

“It is clear to any trained observer, and even to the sociologically inexperienced, that a new attitude towards sexual discrimination has reached the world through the centuries, receiving a sudden stimulus just before and after the world war.

The feminine mind has demonstrated a capacity for all mental acquisitions and the achievements of men, and as generations come, that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, by the latent faculties of her brain that will be stimulated in an activity that will be as much or more intense and powerful due to centuries of rest. The woman will ignore precedents and frighten civilization with her progress.”

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