In Hinduism it is said that the day is the year, that is, the day is a microcosm of the year. The year, in turn, as is evident, is a microcosm of life: in a year there are different seasons in which there is growth, maturity, decay, death, etc. This same idea appears in many traditional worldviews and has a clear intuitive sense.

In all spiritual traditions, it is a custom to start the day by performing meditation, contemplation, prayer and/or purification and not simply stopping and going to work or being distracted. Generally, this type of practice is synchronized with the sunrise or even before, to take advantage of the silence. There are, of course, devotional reasons behind this. But happily, these devotional reasons coincide with psychological reasons. For example, a recent study found that women who get up early get depressed less.

Now, if we take seriously this idea that one day is like a small life in itself, it is even more important to start the day with a positive inertia that gives meaning to the day. We know that the human being is a being of habits and that the habits are reinforced positively or negatively. Also, we know that there is nothing that improves performance such as motivation and confidence. If we take all this into account, it becomes even more obvious why it is important to start the day doing something that puts us in a positive inertia.

Another example can illustrate it better. We know the importance of the first years of life in the emotional, psychological and physical development of a person. A child who does not receive love and is not educated in his first years of life will generally experience many difficulties throughout life, which does not mean that he is condemned to suffer forever, but it will certainly cost him more work. Similarly, if we see the day as a microcosm, it is logical that if we start the day without giving love and attention to our life and our processes, it will be harder for us to find a positive vector both in our state of mind and in our cognitive capacities…

It is because of all this that it is so important to start the day with virtuous cycles. It does not necessarily have to be by praying or meditating; Maybe it’s singing, going for a walk, exercising, reading some text that inspires us. The fundamental thing is that the activity allows us to concentrate and make us feel authentically well, that is, not as an indulgence to pleasure, but something that makes us connect with ourselves or with something superior. This initial mental release will be felt during the day and will be a layer of protection and strength to face the different circumstances that arise during the day.

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