If one searches the Internet for keywords related to sex or the increase of sexual desire during the full moon, you will find innumerable pages, where not only is this “urban legend” (or pagan legend?) Spoken of, but many people in Forums (for example, these Jehovah’s Witnesses, who claim to feel “hot” when this lunar phase arrives) and blogs claim to be more excited when the full moon approaches or during the full moon. Of course there is no scientific information about it, and should not be expected to find it, since on the one hand science considers that this would be astrology – and astrology is the emblem of the so-called pseudoscience – and, on the other hand, it would not be easy to measure objectively, although some experiments could be devised.

That said, there is a series of scientific evidence that suggests that the full moon does have certain effects on the human being. Historically a relationship between lunar cycles and menstruation has been noted (as the word indicates, menstruation and “moon” have the same root). This is something that many women think is completely intuitive and natural. On the other hand, there are reports of more accidents in full moon and increased crime (although scientists argue that this is because people are distracted by watching the Moon). The “lunatic” effect is also observed in that apparent surgery on full moon nights has better results, presumably because there is more energy these days.

In the internal Canon of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), for some the bible of acupuncture, it is said:

At the beginning of the crescent moon, qi and blood originate as essence, and defense qi begins to move. When the disk of the Moon is full, blood and qi are full, muscles and tissue firm. When the disk of the Moon empties, the muscles, and tissue dwindle, the ducts and vessels become depleted and the defense qi is lost.

This text suggests that in the crescent moon there is an increase in energy (qi) that culminates in the full moon. Theoretically, the full moon is when there is more energy – because it reflects more of the Sun’s light at night – something that coincides with popular legends that say that on full moon nights “lunatic” phenomena happen, madness, passion, violence.

Ancient astrology considered the 29-day lunar cycle to be as important as the annual solar cycle. That is why, to date, important religious festivals are still celebrated on full moon nights. In Arab astrology, they followed the so-called lunar mansions that mapped, so to speak, the particular qualities of 28 moons in relation to the zodiac. Based on this system, the poet W. B. Yeats, member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, created his own version, which he published in his text A Vision. There Yeats suggests that it is in phase 13 – more or less equivalent to 1 or 2 days before the full moon – when “complete sensuality is possible, that is, sensuality without the intermixing of any other element”. The lunar crescendo reaches its erotic-energetic fullness.

Phase 14 will be that of “maximum possible beauty”, perhaps as a result also of the concretization of maximum sensual love. The most beautiful women, as if filled with lunar fullness, are born in this phase, says Yeats, including Elena de Troya, whose beauty burned that city and the minds of poets ever since.

Phase 15 is when “contemplation and desire, turned the same thing, live in a world where each beloved image has a corporeal form and each corporeal form is loved.” This love no longer knows anything of desire, because desire implies effort ” Here, in some way, the work of alchemical sexuality is fulfilled.

All this can be mere speculation or a kind of poetic imagination. However, there remains the possibility of testing the urban legend or fantasy suggestion, simply by observing the body. The next full moon will occur on July 27 so, if true, by these dates should be felt an increase – although subtle – of sexual desire or a sensitivity to lunar magnetism, which is traditionally associated with growth, water, and emotions. It remains in the reader to detect if it is a mere pseudoscientific suggestion or if the energy of the Moon really excites the body. What is certain is that for those sensitive to poetry and astronomical beauty, the Moon will always be a great aphrodisiac, the source of fantasy.

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